Wetpour Rubber Products

Playground rubber
Playground Rubber
Playground rubber can also be done to achieve a full 3D effect.
Wetpour Rubber from Artificial Grass Adelaide has to be seen to be believed. We use only the highest quality products to make sure your have a Rubber surface that will outlast all the others. 

Our Wetpour Rubber is made in such a way that it is extremely flexible and incorporates the highest quality UV stabilization.
As you can see by our pictures we are by far the Australian leaders in installing Wetpour Rubber surfaces. Our installers are put through extensive training courses which means the rubber surfaces we install we supply you with a safe non slip surface. Our Seamless method is unsurpassed and we pride ourselves on the quality of work we can offer you. 

The colour range we offer means the patterns and pictures we can create will bring your design to life. We also offer a range of wetpour rubber animals to give your surface an interactive use and can also be done in a 3D method so that your safety surface will really pop. 

Types of Rubber Surfaces

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We have a range of Playground rubber in many different types like EPDM, CSBR, TPV, and GEZOFLEX. This means you can get the Playground Rubber surface you want at the budget that suits your needs. 

Wetpour Playground rubber can be used for many different applications from Playgrounds, Childcare play areas, School outdoor areas, Rubber Water ponds, rubber rock climbing walls and much more.

We have even used our Wetpour Rubber for horse water walkers and for animals that require a softer surface due to injury. It is easily cleaned with a pressure washer giving you a stunning surface all year around. 
Playground Rubber
Playground Rubber
Our Playground Rubber has to be seen to be believed. Any design you can dream we can create.
Wetpour Rubber Water ponds
Wetpour Rubber Water Ponds
Check out our Wetpour Rubber water Ponds. Soft and Safe with running water.


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Call us today or go to our contact page to organize your free quote on our Wetpour Rubber or our Artificial Grass. We can conduct an onsite quote and help assist you in designing any type of Wetpour Rubber surface you require. If you would like some free samples we are willing to post these all over Adelaide and any South Australian suburb or town completely free of charge. Click below to get started on your  Rubber Surface project.